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The Asociación de profesores de FP de la familia profesional de madera, mueble y corcho, or in Enlgish, The Spanish Asociation of Wood, Furniture and Cork Teachers (Profemadera) is a non-profit organization with a significant focus on the furniture industry. It was founded in 1997 with the aim of helping to improve the quality of these teachings and, after nearly 20 years of activities, the Association is proud to maintain a high number of collaborations between members.

Through the Association, they take initiatives to share resources and support the development of new projects of general interest. The membership of 150 committed professionals allows a keen sense of solidarity between them which enhances the value of cooperation. The scope of the work carried out by the Board members includes activities that improve their teaching quality by:

  • increasing teachers’ skills through enhanced preparation and updates, with conferences, courses, and meetings
  • exchanging information and experience
  • searching for new opportunities that can further stimulate the members to participate in different partnership agreements and the development of good practices.

The Association gives a special emphasis to the support and encouragement of partners to promote special activities that improve the quality of their highly specialised field of vocational training.