SupportAbility Output 5: Online Mentoring Course


For access the on-line mentoring course please click here: This will take you to the sign in page. To log in as a guest use the blue rectangular button. This will direct you to

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SupportAbility Output 4 – Course Curriculum


MODULES - SupportAbility Output 4 - Course Curriculum Módulos - SupportAbility – Produto Intelectual 4 – Curriculum do curso de formação Modül - SupportAbility – entelektüel ürün 4 – eğitim kursu müfredat 1-1. COMMUNICATION Turkish

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SupportAbility Output 3 – Management Guide


The completion of Intellectual Output 3 sees the creation of an online User Guide that can be used directly by junior, middle and senior managers in furniture-manufacturing SMEs. Using this tool, the user can find

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SupportAbility Output 2 – Repository Database


To access the Intellectual Output 2 Supportability Database click English Para acceder a la Base de datos correspondiente al Resultado 2 del proyecto Supportability presiona aquí Español Para aceder ao Produto Intelectual 2 clique aqui

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SupportAbility Output 1 – Analysis Report


Portuguese Report/Informe Portugués/Portekizce raporu: - Current State of Arts Report – Apload Report UK Report/Reino Unido/Birleşik Krallık: Report by the BFM on best practice in the employment of individuals with disabilities - BFM Report Annex

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Project Aim and Objectives


SupportAbility has been created in order to address the gap in resources that currently stops SMEs being full contributors to the aims of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Its

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