The completion of Intellectual Output 3 sees the creation of an online User Guide that can be used directly by junior, middle and senior managers in furniture-manufacturing SMEs.

Using this tool, the user can find a numerous documents which will aid in the integration of disabled individuals into the work environment. The documents are distributed across 14 different topics including subject areas such as “Production Integration”, “Compliance with Legislation” or “Machinery Adaptations”. The user can determine if they want more information and if so can download the whole document for future reference.

This tool is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish.  Inside, documents have usually been deposited in the original language – English, French, Turkish, Portuguese and Spanish being the most prevalent, though deposits are not restricted to these five languages. Moreover, the Online User Guide is accessible using a tablet or mobile, so users can consult documents as and when necessary.

To access the Online User Guide click on the following link: