The third transnational meeting was held in Sinop, Turkey to discuss all elements of the project.

The meeting primarily focused on the completion of a database of resources, applicable to the subject, namely the provision of employment and diversity support. Mr Alptug Calik, (partner from Sinopspastik Cocuklar Dernegi, host of the meeting and Output 2 lead) expressed his satisfaction at the number of entries achieved, which number over 300. The aim is for the resources to be accessible to furniture SMEs, to support them in employing disabled individuals. Access will be gained through a repository.  Mr Tomas Puebla Martinez (partner from Asociacion Empresarial De Investigacion Centro Tecnologico Del Mueble y la Madera de la Region De Murcia, Spain and Output 3 lead) stated that the number of entries achieved gave a robust foundation to the repository, which would evolve over the life of the project.

In addition the partners attended a workshop, hosted by Berrin Gurleyen, Director of Accessible Life Care Rehabilitation and Family Consultancy Centre. This superb organisation gives sheltered accommodation to disabled individuals, who cannot be cared for at home for various reasons. The organisation is government funded and also provides social activities and education. The ultimate aim is to integrate the individuals into work, either externally or through workshops held on site. The latter provides resources to make articles which are then sold in Sinop town centre e.g. pottery, embroidery, art. Lessons learnt from the visit will help inform the development of the project outputs.