Intellectual Output 3 completed

The completion of Intellectual Output 3 sees the creation of an online User Guide that can be used directly by junior, middle and senior managers in furniture-manufacturing SMEs.

Intellectual Two Supportability Output Reports

Intellectual Two Supportability Output Reports: English  

Intellectual One Supportability Output Reports

Portuguese Report: Current State and Needs Analysis Report - Apload Report UK Report: Report by the BFM on best practice in the employment of individuals with disabilities -

Background to SupportAbility

For two years (2014 to 2016) the BFM was a partner in the Working Tri21 project ( to develop courses to support disabled individuals training for roles within

Aim and Objectives

SupportAbility has been created in order to address the gap in resources that currently stops SMEs being full contributors to the aims of the United Nations Convention on

Project Details

SupportAbility will take place over 30 months beginning November 2016

With 5 tangible ‘Intellectual Outputs’