Searchlighter Services acts as a research institution engaged in a Social Science context, often covering ‘horizontal’ objectives in Programmes that secure social justice and minimise exclusion.

Searchlighter’s activities usually take place in Programmes that are active in knowledge transfer, education and training, cross-sector innovation and human development. In this context, the organisation is committed to enhancing these activities through ‘democratic’ principles that secure transparency, accountability, civil rights and social cohesion.

The organisation engages in its collaborative work with voluntary organisations, social enterprises, local authorities, public bodies, universities, non-profit groups, co-operatives, and charities.

Searchlighter’s research activity has a focus on measuring the degree to which project outcomes have a clear path to the designated beneficiaries, as this is the key indicator of achievement regarding any desired change. In this, it has specific expertise in online surveys as a research methodology. Searchlighter has additional expertise in developing and implementing logical frameworks for quality assurance as well as monitoring for project evaluation.

Robin Beecroft works as the Research Director at Searchlighter. He is a Social Science researcher who is engaged with ideas promoting progressive change and covering objectives in line with those of the organisation.

(Searchlighter Services is a registered in the UK as a private company limited by shares.)